I've been involved in the outdoors since I was a little kid too small to carry a gun, it's the place I feel closest to God. I spent almost every day outside whether I was on my dads shoulders as we snuck through the woods deer hunting or in my backyard making a fort in the woods. I've been successful in harvesting trophy game in Northwest Arkansas where it was said it couldnt be done. But even in high school I was practicing management techniques that I would even learn how to critique till in my college career. Before I graduated high school I probably knew more about the outdoors than most grown men thanks to the knowledge and skills that were passed down from my dad, papa, and neighbor who were seasoned outdoorsmen, that is a legacy I hope to leave.


People couldn't understand why I would want to know how to identify all the birds by sight or sound or the trees by bark or leaves. I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the outdoors, so in college I majored in Conservation/Wildlife Management and Communication Arts and minored In Field Biology. The Huntin' Grounds started as way to show my passion and knowledge of the outdoors. I thought it would be nice to show a cost effective way to manage your property since most of us arent made of money and dont have the resources most television shows have. On The Huntin' Grounds we emphasize getting people especially youth into the outdoors. We will do anything to pass on the traditions that are being lost.


I would love to see The Huntin Grounds succeed but I know wherever I go my passion, knowledge, and love for the outdoors will be passed on.

Steven Fuller


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