As a child I looked up to my dad and grandpa as hunters. One of my earliest memories are of my grandpa coming home with a deer and my grandma frying up some deer steaks. I went on some hunts with my dad, and although I never got the opportunity to harvest a deer, I loved every minute of it. Squirrels and rabbits, on the other hand were a different story, they weren't so lucky. I was always outside doing something, whether it was riding bicycles, dirt bikes, motorcycles and 4 wheelers or fishing, swimming, hiking and exploring. I just loved being outside.


Some events took place in my life causing me to temporarily lose interest in hunting for over 10 years but I have never lost my love for the outdoors, I love spending time in God's creation. I met Steve the summer of 2010 and he brought back my interest and passion for hunting. We grew up less than a mile apart and never really knew each other. It’s a shame because we did a lot of the same things as kids.


My first hunting season wasn't very successful, but I learned a lot from it. During my 2nd season I killed my first deer, a doe with my bow, and became hooked on bow hunting. During my 3rd season I killed my first buck with a bow and my first buck with my rifle. Couldn’t be happier! To you new hunters, don’t let unsuccessful hunts discourage you, learn from them! I am improving my herd's health and numbers by creating food, water and shelter on my property. All that hard work pays off when you see results in your deer herd and hopefully in future hunts.


Now a peek into my personal life: I am married to an amazing woman, Ivy, who has given me 2 beautiful children, Riley and Ayden. Ivy and I serve in our church working with teens. There is nothing more rewarding than doing what you are called to do. Psalm 42:1

Pro Staff/ Staff Coordinator

Scotty Flippo

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