I believe that growing up in my small town here in western Kentucky has made me the man I am today. There's no other place that I'd rather enjoy gods creation than the hills and fields of McLean county Ky.
    I'm also extremely blessed to have the wonderful wife I do that stands beside me though thick and thin and supports everything I do. She is my rock. To top things off we are expecting a little girl in late june. I cannot wait to share my love and passion for the outdoors with her.
Growing up I didn't have anyone above me interested in hunting like I was. My Papaw was more of a hunter than anyone else in the family. His hunting resume had plenty of deer but no monster booners or really anything close to what people today would call a "trophy buck." Sadly he was hit working on the side of the road in 1997 on a snowy day. Ever since then he hasn't got around as good as he used to. I was six years old at the time so unfortunately he never really got the chance to teach me alot in the woods. He has though, encouraged me to pursue the dreams I have as an outdoorsman.
    Over the years I've worked my tail off and learned as much as I possibly could to try and better myself as a hunter. I grew up watching the realtree monster buck series and the H.S. strut turkey hunting videos religiously. I guess you could say that Bill Jordan, Micheal Waddell, and David Blanton are my hunting idols.
     I've been very blessed with all my harvests in the field. Been chasing longbeards since 2005 and have tagged out every year since.  I've taken 2 Pope and young bucks with a bow. One of which was a 153 inch full velvet bruit. I spend most my winter in Arkansas hunting waterfowl and all summer long on the water bowfishing. My team has been really fortunate in the last two years placing very high in 4 major bowfishing tournaments. It's a super fun rapidly growing sport I encourage everyone to try. Heck just holler at me I'll take you!

     I feel as if one of my dreams is coming true becoming a part of THG team. I hope to grow with these guys, learn from these guys, a and lay down some awesome footage in God's county.

Jacob Emery

Pro Staff

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