My love and passion for the outdoors started young when I was only 9 years old. I was staying at my cousin's home and woke up at 5 am to the sound of my older cousin brad getting ready to go out for a bow hunt. He said those magic words of "Do you want to come with?" I lept at the opportunity and that day discovered that the outdoors is one of Gods greatest creations. 


I never really had anyone in my family that was an outdoor enthusiast. My father runs a furniture store and my mother a teacher, hunting wasn't really a lively hood of my everyday family. As I got older I watched all of the Hunting DVDs I could get my hands on and even found myself sitting in the cornfield behind my house on a 5-gallon bucket every day after school hoping and praying to see my first deer up close.  


My grandfather took me out hunting for the first time with a weapon of my own to harvest an animal when I was twelve years old. He took his old man nap and I woke him with the sound of my 308 Winchester going off and my first deer on the ground. 


After that, I have become an outdoor fanatic hunting, fishing, trapping and wildlife management. Watched hundreds of hours of informational videos and have gained much experience in just the past few years and strive to keep growing and learning. 


Every day God is opening and closing doors and he sure did open a big one when he gave me the privilege to manage his creation of the wilderness. I make sure to make him apart of my life every day and thank him for the oppurtituy.

Andrew Kuehn

Field Staff

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